Welcome to North eastern Asian flora

The Flora of Northeastern Asia project aims to produce a new flora for all vascular plants in China, Russia far east, Korea (the Korean peninsula), and Mongolia. This Flora project will eventually serve as the reference for anybody who requires accurate and up-to-date information on northeastern Asian plant species, needs or wants to identify plants in the field or herbarium.

Just as the mission statement of The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), we would like to understand, conserve and use sustainably the world's immense wealth of plant diversity whilst promoting awareness and building the necessary capacities for its implementation at regional level, especially Northeastern Asia.

We follow the GSPC which consists of the following three objectives:

• Objective I: The regional flora is well understood, documented and recognized;

• Objective II: The regional flora is urgently and effectively conserved;

• Objective III: The capacities and public engagement necessary to implement the Strategy have been developed.

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